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This is Doing is a leading online live real time design and innovation training business that provides public and private courses. Our faculty consists of experienced and internationally known thought leaders in the fields of service design, user experience design, design research, product management and content design.

We are a fully remote business, with trainers and clients spread across the globe.

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Our Faculty is made up of published authors, keynote speakers, podcasters, and recognised industry leaders. 

We are a close-knit faculty that enjoys collaborating, connecting and laughing regularly. We aim to create an inclusive and diverse selection of trainers at all times.

We offer various opportunities to work with us;

  • Public Courses that are sold through this website
  • Private Courses with our clients
  • Doing Design Festival events
  • Coaching & Mentoring


We are currently looking for trainers in these spaces;

  • System Thinking (Short Course)
  • Design Futures  (Short Course)
  • Design Research  (Short Course)
  • Business Design  (Short Course)
  • Confidence Building (Short Course)
  • Innovation Leadership (Short Course)
  • Employee Experience (Short Course)
  • Storytelling (Short Course)
  • Public Speaking (Short Course)

If you are interested in running any of the above courses and would like to learn more about how we work, please schedule a time to speak with us.


First of all, you own your own IP - and that will never change. Your IP is your IP. The business is run by trainers. So we get it.

If you have an idea for a course, here's an example of how we would work with you.

  • Connect with our Head of Faculty, Ann to work out learning objectives and define the value proposition.
  • Create the base assets required to get the course online.
  • Discuss the financials upfront, so you get an idea of what we could charge (and what you'd earn)
  • Advise on the marketing, from there we handle all of the Marketing, Google Paid Adverts, Social Media, Podcast Material & Adverts.
  • Take the Facilitation training with us as part of the team (as needed).
  • Get advice on technical set up to ensure you're ready to delivery your course online. We provide you with a Pro Level Zoom account.
  • Receive ongoing Course support, such as scheduling with participants, editing of video content, protection of video assets etc.
  • Use our dedicated Course platform for hosting videos, course artefacts and out of hours conversations with participants.
  • Have course communication managed for you including participant onboarding, feedback and a final retrospective between you and us.
  • Get paid! We pay within 14-days upon completion of the course.
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Be in touch with our CEO, Gerry Scullion