Application and Practice of Thrivability

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You’ve seen the IPCC report. You’ve seen the wildfires and floods. You know some big changes are needed. And that every organisation on the planet should have these changes as a top priority.  But ‘business as usual’ has powerful inertia.

So how do we bridge the gap between how we’re working now and what is really needed in the world?  And is it possible to do that with joy, engagement, and excitement?

You dove into the essentials (check out this course if you haven’t yet) and now you want to start working on a tangible project to have nature’s principles inspire your organisation to become a real force for good. In ecological and social terms, you are no longer happy to have your organisation aim for being ‘less bad’. You actually want to engage your colleagues to help shape how your organisation supports life on the planet to thrive.  We’ve got you covered.

In this 5-week, project-based course, we help you to step into the practice of Thrivability, and apply nature’s principles and proven approaches to every part of your project. Weekly workshops focus on embedding key questions, behaviours, and activities of Thrivability into your unique organisational context and project brief.

Who is this course for

This course is for those intermediate to advanced in their careers. You know what ‘business-as-usual’ looks like and you are ready to push the boundaries to make meaningful change that addresses environmental and social issues.

You may be:

  • a manager who wants to be a catalyst for positive change
  • in a sustainability or design role and want to have meaningful conversations that expand and deepen engagement about ecological and social responsibility
  • a professional looking for the tools to make decisions that integrate business sense with responsibility to the planet and society.

What to expect

In this workshop, you’ll experience a step-by-step, experiential, immersive, and fun learning adventure. Each week, you will have:

  • 5x 90-minute, live, online, interactive session. Once a week, for five weeks, we will explore and support your project through a different lens of Thrivability (stewardship, outside world, inside world, supporting structures, celebrations & next steps).
  • Bite-sized practice and application. Each week, you will have concrete tasks to do to strengthen and move your project forward.
  • Allies. You'll mix with people from a range of sectors who are all on a similar journey, giving you access to a living network of collaborators, experiences, and insights.
  • Access to 20 minutes of individual coaching about your project.

Each interactive, challenge-based workshop has a high level of interaction among the trainer(s) and participants. More than half the time is spent doing interactive activities, working in small groups, or applying learning to your organisation’s unique context.

This is a practical, applied course based on:

  • Thrivability, a practice and model for aligning organisations with the ways nature and people thrive.
  • Applied Improvisation, a mindset and skill set for engaging with emergent, complex and adaptive change.
  • Solutions Focus, a rapid, sustainable approach to change which helps you and your organisation optimise how you work with desired and emergent circumstances

What you will learn

What you’ll learn in this workshop/learning adventure is:

  • How to think about and apply universal design principles of nature to help make organisations forces for ecological and social good.
  • What it takes to become a champion of life on Earth (while bringing your boss, colleagues, and organisation along).
  • How to use powerful questions and a coaching approach to help you and your colleagues explore how to align inspired intent with bold, connected, and regenerative action.

Our aim is to help you to turn your organisation into an active force for good, unleashing adaptability, collaboration, and the power of nature at its most vibrant, as the means. You’ll walk away empowered to help your organisation make ecologically,  socially, and joyously responsible choices.

The Essentials of Thrivability is designed to precede this Application and Practice workshop. Realise the boldest actions and the biggest impacts by participating in both parts: The Essentials course and this Application and Practice of Thrivability Workshop.

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April 14, 2022
Dates and Times

Live sessions scheduled Thursdays from 14 April - 12 May 2022 for

16:00-17:30 UTC+2 (Paris/Berlin)
11:00-12:30 UTC -4 (New York)

Check your local time

14 April 2022
Who leads in a forest? Exploring what it means to perceive your organisation as a living ecosystem, and how this impact how you show up when you want to change things.

21 April 2022
Your project from the outside in: Through the eyes of nature and society, what is your project contributing and is that beautiful and bold enough for what is really needed?

28 April 2022
Your project from the inside out: Discovering and working with the intrinsic passion of your team members to do good at work.

5 May 2022
Creating the internal support you need: Finding what needs to be in place for your project to really work.

12 May 2022
Celebration and next steps: Reflecting on what you have learned and what's next

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