Doing Business Innovation: Creative, Collaborative and Customer-Centric (November)

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A masterclass on the intrinsic multi-disciplinary nature of ‘Doing Business Innovation’. Although innovation teams often consist of T-shaped professionals, the pitfalls of siloed perspectives and practices are just around the corner, especially in large organisations. To effectively navigate the iterative process of an exploratory innovation project you need to be versatile and cover many different angles - strategy, research, product & service management, marketing, communication, implementation, change processes, and more. Key aspects that can pull all of this together are: mastering creativity, collaboration and customer-centricity. When the team understands and manages these aspects well, doing business innovation can feel like a breeze. Still challenging and ambitious, but at least not too confusing or disjointed.

By bringing together tools, principles and processes from innovation management, service design and design research, this masterclass bridges the gap between developing concepts and roadmaps. The masterclass will be delivered by two experienced tutors who have been teaching similar topics together for many years: Geke van Dijk (STBY) and Wietze van der Aa (University of Amsterdam).

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€ 149.00 EUR (early bird until 14/10/2020)

What you will learn

A better grasp of how to navigate the key aspects of complex multi-disciplinary innovation projects:

/ Creative – how to maintain the right  balance between openness and structure?

/ Collaborative – how to most benefit from the variety of roles and expertises in the organisation?

/ Customer-Centric – how to use the perspective of the target group as a key shared reference?

Trainers/hosts to be announced.
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November 25, 2020
Dates and Times

25/11/2020, 14:00-17:30-CET (GMT+1)

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