Facilitation Fundamentals for co-creation

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Facilitation Fundamentals is a three-part interactive course where you will learn what we believe are the fundamentals of facilitation in any given context – be it creative workshops, working meetings or training sessions. Although this course is taught online, the material is relevant to all facilitation contexts – in the physical and digital worlds.


Anyone facilitating workshops, meetings, training courses, events, or project sessions – for example in design thinking or service design projects – whether online or offline.

Session 1: STRUCTURE

This course looks at how STRUCTURE can be used to develop sessions which are more engaging and effective for any audience.

  • understand different co-creation preferences.
  • explore how these preferences can be used to design and STRUCTURE effective sessions which engage everyone - even people with very different working strengths (the PARC model)

Session 2: PRESENCE

This course looks at how we can use voice, movement and timing to adjust our relative status and develop PRESENCE.

  • understand the key concepts of relative status and PRESENCE
  • recognise your own natural presence "level"
  • learn how to adapt it to suit any situation and need
  • develop a personal action plan to increase your

(Between sessions 2 and 3 you will be given a group task which you will complete in small, self-organised learning pods.)

Session 3: FLOW

This course looks at how facilitators’ choices in action can support co-creative FLOW, even when the unexpected occurs.

  • understand the key concepts of FLOW in the context of co-creative sessions
  • understand how you can move between freedom and structure and understand their impact
  • know how to keep sessions moving effectively and achieve co-creative flow
  • remain confident in all situations

“I was surprised by how much fun the format was. I have done exciting workshops in person, but not a real online meeting that was as fun. This was new to me.”
A. R., trainer & coach

How you learn

/ work in small groups

/ experience co-creation and facilitation with peers

/ connect with others in an online setting

/ enjoy a mix of action and reflection

/ share with other professionals and world-class experts

/ explore facilitation in a fun relaxed environment

/ experience engaging methods of digital facilitation

“Will definitely change the way I plan workshops.”
— K. M., project leader

Free extra: technology play-date (Zoom + Miro)

In this course, we will use the online tools Zoom and Miro extensively. To make sure you feel comfortable with these tools, we invite you to a free 20 minute online play-date in our dedicated online sandbox. Come play with us 20 minutes before the start of the course


English, usually with Dutch, French and German assistance available.
Maximum number of participants: 24
Minimum number of participants: 10

What you will learn

/ Fundamental principles of facilitating collaboration

/ How to facilitate more effective collaboration which engages people with differing working preferences

/ How to deal with the unexpected

/ How to use physicality, space, status, and flow to manage more challenging participants

/ All content is applicable to online and offline facilitation

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November 11, 2020
Dates and Times

/ STRUCTURE: Wednesday 11th November 2020 — 1730-2030 CET

/ PRESENCE: Thursday 12th November 2020 — 1730-2030 CET

/ FLOW: Friday 13th November 2020 — 1730-2030 CET

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