3-month part-time Service Design course



This is a unique 12-week programme that blends project based work alongside training delivered by world-class service design practitioners.

All attendees will get to work on a design challenge to design a service under the guidance of the project team.

Limited class size.

starts september 7 2021
2499 EUR
##The people behind it
What we cover in this course

Blended learning.

This course has been specifically designed to increase the chances of participant applying their learnings into the real world.


service design

Learn about the theory of service design and why service design thinking and doing is so important


Online Facilitation

How working online changes the way we collaborate



Approaches to helping organisations becoming more Design-led.


DESIGN Research

How to plan and facilitate research online.



Creating boundary objects to help inform and understand reality.


Prototyping online

How to test service concepts and business ideas when you are not in the same room


Design for accessibility

How designers can help address the most common accessibility problems



How to select what features to include to meet the needs of the people using the service.

The people behind it

Learn from leaders in Service Design and Innovation

Our internationally recognised trainers have over 150-years of combined experience leading Design and Innovation projects, sharing conference stages, and writing the books on service design - many of which our peers reference in their courses.

Confirmed trainers for this course.

##The people behind it

12-weeks. Learning & Doing.

Walk away with practical strategies for managing design and innovation in the online space with access to live sessions including parallel tracks allowing you to choose your own adventure.

The aim: To introduce a world of new possibilities for thriving in the online, distributed space – leading to a better future for your organisation, customers and the world.

Programme Lead
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What you will get

  • 4-hours per-week live classroom (2 x 2-hour)
  • 2-hours per-week course work
  • Live Q&A built into each session
  • Open space sessions during project work
  • 90-day access to recorded videos for all modules
  • Access to proven world-class trainers and thought-leaders
  • Topics covered Design Research, Conducting Research, Visualisation, Content Design, Accessibility, Facilitation & Prototyping
  • A community to support you through the course with 3-months access to the This is Doing Private Network
  • Free access to all Coffee Time events for 6-months
  • This is Doing course completion certificate

course overview

Week 1

/ Introduction to Service Design

Keynote and questions and answers with Marc Stickdorn.

/ Introduction to Design Research

Learn what Design Research is.

/ Introduction to Design Challenge

Receive a brief from our trainers. Form into teams.

/ Course Onboarding

Introduction to all course related information.

Week 2

/ Designing & Planning Research

Learn how to plan and do research for success.

/ Communicating & Using Research

Learn how to break this down to explorative and validation research.

Bonus / ‘Thinking Global & Local’ with Bas Raijmakers

Week 3 & 4

/ Sense-making of Design Research

Learn how to generate insights from your research.

/ Project Work

Form into teams, work on a Design Challenge and do Design Research.

/ Open Space Check in

Free space to ask questions, and direct sessions with trainers.

/ Review of Design Research

Team review of work to date.

Week 5

/ Visualisation Masterclass x 2

How to use journey maps as a dashboard for customer and employee experience.

Bonus / Tamas Lengyel Keynote

Week 6

/ Facilitation Fundamentals x 2

Learn how to engage and facilitate important conversations.

Week 7 & 8

/ Ideation & Idea Selection

Learn how to ideate and select ideas.

/ Open Space Check in

Free space to ask questions, and direct sessions with trainers.

/ Project Work

Work on your Design project.

Week 9

/ Ideation & Prototyping x2

Learn how to Prototype services.

Bonus / Gerry McGovern Keynote on Digital Waste.

Week 10

/ Understanding Content Design & Accessibility

Incorporating a Content Design mindset when designing services.

Week 11

/ Open Space Check in

Free space to ask questions, and direct sessions with trainers.

/ Project Work

Work on prototypes for your Design Project.

Week 12

/ Validation & Embedding Design

/ Journey Map Ops Overview

Applying all learnings to bring to your role.

/ Final Presentations

Team Presentations to Panel of trainers.

Team Gathering

Connecting online and presentation of certificates.