We are hiring! Marketing & Communications Manager

This is Doing is looking for a Marketing and Communications Manager to join our growing team.

October 2021

We are looking for someone to join the team and help with the businesses Marketing and Communications.

About us

This is Doing is a leading online design and innovation training business that provides public and private courses. Our faculty consists of experienced and internationally known thought leaders in the fields of service design, user experience design, design research, product management and content design.

We are a fully remote business, with trainers and clients spread across the globe with the majority of the team being located in central Europe.

The successful candidate will be able to;

  • Design campaigns that drive and deliver the business objectives  
  • Create holistic marketing campaigns (social media and paid advertising) including compelling visuals using graphic design software
  • Collaborate with the broader team around aligning to course propositions
  • Create interactive audio clips using headliner.app from our podcast Doing Design
  • Deliver Social Media content using Hootsuite
  • Respond to enquiries on social media channels
  • Source, add content and media for our company Blog
  • Track, measure and report on the success of each campaign to meet its objectives
  • Manage a paid advertising on Google Adwords

What we are looking for

We are a fully remote business, so familiarity with online communication tools such as Slack, Zoom, Google Meet is important.


  • are passionate about design and innovation with a demonstrated appetite for it
  • are a self-starter with the ability to work independently when needed
  • are able to take assets to produce campaigns from scratch and be able to conduct experiments, learn and iterate
  • want to continually learn and grow
  • can work well with people, many of whom prefer to work asynchronously
  • active social media advocate and interested in experimenting in new ways to reach new audiences

Ideally, you'll have experience in paid advertising to help drive sales for our courses, build brand awareness and help advise and support the faculty in creating valuable content for the global design and innovation community. You'll have some experience managing campaigns and creating compelling content or can demonstrate your eagerness to learn.

For us, we are more interested in the individual who can join us with a view to becoming a full-time member of the business.

This person will be involved in all aspects of marketing our services using social media, paid advertising as well as curating and nurturing our growing database of engaged followers via email newsletter. They will become an integral part of our community.

Stuff you can do now

  • Content creation (words, visual and basic audio and visual)
  • Copywriting (English)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Google Adwords (can set up campaigns, and work with budgets)
  • Newsletter campaigns (can curate, collaborate and manage delivery to our audiences using Mailchimp)

What the week-to-week looks like

  • Creation of 1 x weekly newsletter
  • Managing campaigns for all courses
  • Managing SEM on Google
  • Updating Marketing content on our website (Blog, Course updates etc)
  • Creating value-added content for our existing online communities (1,000-2,000 people)

Stuff in the future that we would like you to be responsible for

  • Leading and managing campaigns
  • Google Adwords and Paid SEM
  • Mailchimp (increasing our database)
  • Scheduling podcasts (and if interested, hosting some!)
  • Work alongside the core team of Founders to derive insights to help us plan strategically


You will work alongside the CEO and the Head of Faculty for This is Doing on a day-to-day basis. We work normal business hours (7.5 hours per day) in CET but in reality, this role can be completed quite flexibly once the person is achieving their goals. We would like you to be available for 4-days a week.

Whilst you do not need to be online at the same time as the other European based people on the team, it would be preferred. We don’t expect you to always be available during business hours and are building a culture that allows for flexibility around life. Many of the team have young families and we place huge emphasis on the importance of weaving work around life.

Basic requirements

You will have access to a dedicated workspace and a fast internet connection. You will have your own computer and access to design software such as Adobe Cloud or Affinity products.

Length of employment

This is a 6-month part-time (30 hours per week - 4 days per week) contractual position - with a view to extension and full-time in the future.

Salary expectations

A total of €13000 for 6-months (freelance contract) plus access to join 3 of our live classrooms courses (maximum of 1 per month). You are responsible for paying your own taxes and other contributions


Start the process off using our VideoAsk software. In this process you will be required to do a few things.

1. Upload your resumé or CV

2. You will need to record a 3-5 minute video using our VideoAsk link explaining why you’re the right person for the job, and why you’d like to work with This is Doing.

Ready? Apply for this job now

If you have any technical issues, feel free to email mail@thisisdoing.com. If selected to move forward in the process, you will be asked to submit an article or social media campaign or even a newsletter that you have contributed to and also something online that you feel connected to (could be something fun or serious!)

This is Doing strives to create and maintain inclusive working and learning environments where diverse experiences, perspectives and unique identities are valued and respected. Women, ethnic minorities, individuals with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ are encouraged to apply. What this means in practice is if we have two candidates that are similar, we will decide to progress with people from the list above to help diversify our team.