'Understanding what it means to be agile within an Agile organisation'

October 2021

Welcome to the Doing Design podcast on This is HCD. Hosted by all the the worlds best live design and innovation trainers at This is -

The Doing Design podcast focusses on all the behind the scenes things related to actually DOING Innovation and Design, such as Design Research, Facilitation, Prototyping, Visualisation - and a great sounding board for industries like Service Design, UX, Content Design and Product Management -

In this episode, you’ll hear from myself our wonderful agile expert at This is Doing - Daniela Decker - we chat about the common misconceptions about what is means to ‘Do’ and ‘Be’ Agile and cover off parts of where things get a little bit weird when it comes to the interpretation of Agile and Agility - let’s jump in