Essentials of Product Management

In preparation

About the course

The course is teeming with interactive exercises and case studies from their consulting practice, which serves a diverse cross-section of industries. Participants of this practical course will learn how to apply smarter market-centric approaches to both their new product development projects and day-to-day activities.

What you will learn

/ A clear structured thought-process from ideation through to product launch planning
/ How to quickly gather many fuzzy product or business ideas and uncover which are the most worthwhile to explore further
/ Research the world of their target customers to uncover their unmet needs
/ Articulate the market and product requirements for product design, development and marketing purposes
/ Effectively plan the product delivery and go-to-market activities
/ Maximise their efforts in juggling day-to-day activities, monitoring their product performance, keeping up to date on their market and managing stakeholders.

€ 1,599.00 EUR
July 22, 2020
Dates and Times

12 weeks x 2 hour sessions

Please note that local taxes may be applied.
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