Facilitation Fundamentals for co-creation

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About the course

What are the fundamentals of facilitation? What basic concepts and skills support all facilitation work, and help us master any situation?
This three part interactive course looks at FLOW, PRESENCE and STRUCTURE. Equipped with these three practices, you will be equipped to take your facilitation to a higher level, as well as to take our higher level application courses, coming soon: Designing for engagement, Dealing with challenging participants, Applied improvisation for facilitators, Safe space for creativity, Online facilitation, and Making a living.

What you will learn

/ Fundamental principles of facilitating collaboration;

/ How to facilitate more effective collaboration which engages people with differing working preferences;

/ How to deal with the unexpected;

/ How to use physicality, space, status, and flow to manage more challenging participants;

/ How to facilitate online.

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July 8, 2020
Dates and Times

/ Structure - 8th July 2020 - 0930-1230 CEST

/ Presence - 9th July 2020 - 0930-1230 CEST

/ Flow - 21st July 2020 - 0930-1230 CEST

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