From Human Centred Design to Life Centred Design

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About the course

A healthy environment has always been part of Human Centred Design (HCD) in principle, but rarely in practice, made evident if we consider the climate emergency brought about by the industrial age. We have now learned that we cannot freely use all resources that nature offers because these resources are part of ecosystems, large and small, that we humans depend on. These ecosystems contain many species and are critical parts of a thriving and liveable environment. How can we put this understanding at the centre of design and innovation?

From cradle to cradle design, to sustainable design, to circular design, and frugal innovation and jugaad: all of these approaches to design and innovation can be inspirations for new narratives and critical dialogues bringing in a number of perspectives. These range from ethics to materials, from technology to philosophy and from biology to business. 

The tutors of this course will bring experience with creating briefs for Life Centred Design and executing these in a collaborative, co-creative manner in very different parts of the world: Mexico, Denmark, Brazil, India, The Netherlands and Kenya. Together with you, the participants in the Master Class, we will reflect on our diverse practices and create insights that everyone can all bring into their own work. This will help you to identify how you can move beyond HCD, to Life Centred Design.

This 3.5 hour Master Class is delivered by tutors and practitioners in Mexico, Europe and India from the Reach Network, a global network of studios, each with more than a decade of practice in HCD and now focusing on specific purposes such as care, planet and work. We will encourage you and your fellow course participants to form a lasting peer-to-peer community beyond the Master Class as well.

We need to create new relationships with nature and other species in order to survive ourselves. Putting life instead of just humans in the centre of our professional practices will transform us and our organisations. This course will help you to make a start!

€ 149.00 EUR plus VAT (early bird until 21/10/2020, after that €199)


Bas Raijmakers (UK & the Netherlands - STBY and Reach Network)

Babitha George (India - Quicksand and Reach Network)

José de la O (Mexico - DelaO Design Studio and Reach Network)

Rikke Ulk (Denmark - and Reach Network)

What you will learn

/ How to argue for doing (design) research for your project within a wider, ‘more than human’ context.  

/ How to set briefs for design and innovation teams that tasks them with creating ‘more than human’ products and services.

/ How to take both global and local perspectives on Life Centred Design and put them into practice.

/ How to find and connect to relevant partners that can help you achieve a ‘more than human’ way of thinking and doing.

€ 149.00 EUR
November 4, 2020
Dates and Times

One session of 3.5 hours on 04/11/2020, 14:00-17:30-CET (GMT+1)

Please note that local taxes may be applied.