Journey Mapping Essentials

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Learn how to map complexity.

About the course

Journey Mapping is one of the most powerful tools in any innovators toolkit. When correctly presented and created, it provides a visual representation of the experiences faced by people navigating an organisational ecosystem. In this classroom, we will cover all aspects of how you can use the method of 'mapping' to cover areas such as customer journey mapping, user journey mapping, employee journey mapping and ecosystem mapping.

What you will learn

/ Explain when journey maps or system maps are relevant to a project

/ Articulate the difference between a process map and journey map

/ Conduct basic observational research (real-world exercise)

/ Create journey maps or system maps that are based on research and reflect the current state of the customer experience

/ Identify opportunities for improvement

/ How to digitise your maps

/ Mapping in the wild

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August 12, 2020
Dates and Times

12th August 2020 - 1000am - 1200 CET

19th August 2020 - 1000am - 1200 CET

26th August 2020 - 1000am - 1200 CET

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