Prototyping Fundamentals: Make it playable

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About the course

How to efficiently and strategically prototype services or products, whether physical or digital.

How can you explore, challenge, and evolve new ideas in reality? How can prototyping succeed even in remote online collaboration?  In this interactive workshop, you will learn how you might

  • quickly identify important aspects of a new service concept and explore different alternative solutions.
  • reduce risk by systematically and cheaply evaluating which solutions might work in our everyday reality.
  • effectively create a shared understanding of initial ideas and concepts, enhancing communication, collaboration, and participation of interdisciplinary stakeholders

The tools and methods selected for this learning session will guide your first steps to move beyond well known digital and physical prototypes towards a more systematic framework of prototyping offerings and experiences in your own projects. The framework also allows you to balance value propositions, holistic/end-to-end perspectives or key elements and touchpoints as you work your way towards implementation and the challenges of everyday operations.  And to keep these efforts sustainable, we will also look at building a holistic and accessible prototyping (and implementation) stack that supports interdisciplinary co-creation – where we do not have to reinvent the wheel for every project.

The session will consist of a mix of presentations and interactive demonstrations of some of the signature methods within the field of service prototyping, both in physical space and online collaboration.

What you will learn

/ Introduction: What is service prototyping? How is it different from prototyping physical or digital products?

/ Why you should be thinking about service prototyping?

/ What are the signature tools and methods to prototype services and service experiences?

/ How can you create actionable insights and iterate towards implementation?

/ Outlook: What are 5 key questions you need to ask yourself when embedding service prototyping into your day-to-day projects?

/ Q&A

€ 99.00 EUR
August 4, 2020
Dates and Times

One session 180 min (including breaks)

/ 04/08/2020-16:00-19:00-CET (GMT+1)

Please note that local taxes may be applied.
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