Stories and orchestration: the dramatic structure of experiences

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About the course

Dramatic arcs (more strictly, "arcs of tension") are a crucial – but often ignored – force when it comes to the design of experiences. Changing levels of engagement, pacing and energy can make or break a movie, a song remix, a dance party – or a design. In this course we look at how dramatic arcs work, and how they relate to classic story structures. We use this as a tool to analyse and design experiences, and also consider how it can make our projects and workshops more engaging.

What you will learn

/ Understand the structure of stories and dramas, and how they relate to designed experiences.
/ How to analyse the dramatic arc of an exciting experience and look for weaknesses.
/ How to incorporate aspects of drama into a newly designed experience.
/ How to use story structure and dramatic arcs to make collaboration (workshops and projects) more engaging and satisfying.

€ 699.00 EUR
August 4, 2020
Dates and Times

/ August 4 2020 - 1000 CET

/ August 6 2020 - 1000 CET

/ August 11 2020 - 1000 CET

/ August 13 2020 - 1000 CET

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