Storytelling & Pitching for Teams

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About the course

"Most human-centred design practices are steeped in storytelling. We gather stories from end users, tell them to our teams, craft our own work and present it to stakeholders before finally pitching the value proposition back to potential customers. The data alone can't tell its own story and the most brilliant piece of work can fail to convince if presented badly. The telling of a project’s story, whether as a pitch, presentation or documentation, is as important as the project idea itself and can be the difference between success and failure. This hands-on workshop draws upon the fundamentals of storytelling—from deep human history to popular culture, screenwriting to podcasting—and shows how to use them to shape projects, presentations and pitches. Using plenty of examples from design, you'll be introduced to useful frameworks and quick rules of thumb that you can immediately apply to your daily work. A mix of entertaining activities will build towards the finale—preparing and performing an elevator pitch. "

What you will learn

/ A deeper understanding of story and pitch structure
/ Storytelling in design and business
/ Unifying themes for project teams
/ Frameworks for telling project stories and pitches
/ Pitch iteration and technique

€ 499.00 EUR
July 9, 2020
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