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Ben Crothers

Founder of Bright Pilots facilitation and training consultancy, and O'Reilly author of Presto Sketching, Draw in 4, and 50 Remote Friendly Icebreakers.

Ben is on a mission to make everyone just as comfortable with the whiteboard as they are with the keyboard. He teaches and coaches teams from a wide range of organisations in design methods, facilitation methods, drawing and visualisation, so that teams can be more creative and focus on the right things.

Previous to Bright Pilots, Ben was Principal Designer at Atlassian, and a design consultant at a variety of agencies and consultancies. His proudest moments include adding over $1million to Leukaemia Foundation’s “World’s Greatest Shave” campaign one year, simply by redesigning an online donation form, and being one of the creators of the much-loved Atlassian Team Playbook.

Speak to Ben about Strategic Design, Systems Design, Service Design, Visualisation, Facilitation, and team culture and dynamics.

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