Making organisations forces for good

Thrivability is about using the principles of nature to make organisations forces for good by aligning strategy with the ways nature and people thrive.

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Help your organisation make ecologically,  socially, and joyously responsible choices

You’ve seen the IPCC report. You’ve seen the wildfires and floods. You know some big changes are needed. Every organisation on the planet should have these changes as a top priority.  But ‘business as usual’ has powerful inertia.

In this course, you will learn how to bridge the gap between how you are working now and what is really needed in the world. And, how to do that with joy, engagement, and excitement.

Self-paced course released 14 March 2022
Live, online session runs 24 March 2022


Belina Raffy

Belina helps smart, kind people to improvise and communicate more effectively so they can help make the world better.

Aside from being an all-around beautiful human being, she is:
the Master Collaborator and Empress at Maffick Ltd; Collaboration Consultant with Frontier Development Lab; Group Innovation Specialist; at WorkPlayExperience and Creator of the global compassionate comedy project, Sustainable Stand Up.