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This is Doing is proud to have a like-minded sponsor like Pluralsight for the Doing Design Festival 18 June 2021. This article shares more about how This is Doing alumni might use their skills and knowledge to teach others by authoring for the Pluralsight platform.

As professionals we can all think of the mentors, educators and instructors that helped us get to where we are today. Pluralsight authors are those mentors, educators and instructors. They shape the future of tech by helping communities skill up communities and connect their newfound skills to opportunities. They create the videos, coding challenges and real-time evaluations that you rely on to do your job well and improve your expertise. 

Pluralsight’s leading Skills platform is building content tied to service design, and we want to work with professionals like you to help grow the service design community, industry and of course, your professional brand. You might be asking yourself, “What would I even do as an author at Pluralsight, and how would I get there?” We can help you find a way to learn some new skills and share yours with others. 

Authors at Pluralsight create multiple types of content. We are currently looking for professionals to create video-based training that shows the processes, methods and skills associated with good service design. While doing this, you will begin to push your own skills forward as a speaker, educator and creator. You will be supported, of course, by a team of production experts and experienced educators that will help you create training that can accelerate your career and industry.

You may find yourself asking, “Well, this seems like a lot of work, what’s in it for me? How does my brand grow?”

We’re glad you asked, as there are a chunk of benefits you gain as a Pluralsight author. First: We pay for our content. Let’s get that out of the way right now. Our authors are compensated in two ways. The first is straightforward; it’s a completion payment you receive when your course is ready to publish. You will be paid for production, and this is a fixed sum that you will receive within 30 days of delivery. Once your course is live, you will receive viewership payments. These payments are based on the amount of time the course is viewed in relation to our platform, and are paid quarterly as long as the course can be viewed by our customers. 

This statement generally leads to a follow up question: How do you distribute my course? The answer is another great opportunity for you as an author. At Pluralsight, we have a large customer base that pays monthly for access to ALL of our online content. We surface new content to these customers as it publishes. Customers, of course, also search our platform on their own to skill up, grow and learn in various industries. While we got our start by focusing on software development, our broad customer base is looking for all of their team members which includes service designers, UI/UX designers, business leaders, business owners, product managers and more. 

Another massive benefit of authoring with Pluralsight is how familiar learners get with you and your work. As you create courses on your varying skills to help others grow, your name and brand will become recognizable. Whether applying for new positions or hunting down freelance opportunities, you will find that more options will open as the industry becomes even more familiar with your skills and work. 

So, that’s the quick run down! If you want to help improve the world and your industry, head to this page and apply! You will get a response in a few days and we will walk you through the process of becoming a Pluralsight author.

Thomas Winkley

Thomas Winkley

Thomas Winkley is an educator, audio engineer and all around technology enthusiast. When he’s not helping others create content or find their passion in the world of Game Development you can find him at an arcade cabinet trying to challenge others in whichever fighting game is available.