The Doing



29 January 2021
9:00–4:30 CET
149 EUR

A one-day learning event taking you deep into the heart and soul of innovation with fresh perspectives from top leaders in Design and Innovation.

##The people behind it
What t o expect

Gain a holistic view of the design field

Learn how different disciplines and practices within design come together for a holistic view of the field of design.

9:00 CET

Service Design

Learn the importance of customer and employee experience

10:15 CET

Design research

Learn how to plan a design research process

11:30 CET

Content Design

Learn an approach for understanding user and job stories

1:30 CET


Learn a method for systematically prototyping experiences

2:45 CET


Learn the importance of great facilitation

4:00 CET

Coffee Time

Exchange ideas to bring a human-centred approach to your work

The people behind it

Learn from leaders in Design and Innovation

Our internationally recognised trainers have over 400 years of combined experience leading Design and Innovation projects, sharing conference stages, and writing the books the industry turns to for advice.

##The people behind it

One day.
Six courses.

Get a holistic view of the design field with access to five, 60-minute courses plus a sixth bonus course on Product Management to take home.

The aim: to introduce a more hands-on and human-centred approach – leading to a better future for your organisation, customers and the world in 2021.

What you will get

  • Live access to five top This is Doing courses
  • Bonus video access to Introduction to Product Management with Adrienne Tan
  • 30-day access to recorded videos for all six courses
  • A community to support you through the year with 3-months access to the This is Doing community platform
  • This is Doing course completion certificate
  • Exclusive DOING DESIGN podcast content 

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Service Design

Learn about the service design process and the role it plays in developing customer and employee experiences. This session is packed with practical examples and tips for the core activities of research, ideation, prototyping, and implementation.

Marc Stickdorn

15-minute break


Design research

Learn how to make considered choices, embrace complexity, and deal with uncertainty by embracing the principles and tools appropriate for your research context.

You’ll learn about blended research approaches, the importance of triangulation, the difference between design and market research and how to involve internal stakeholders.

Geke van Dijk

Content Design

Content Design and Service Design are intrinsically connected. Without content, there is no service.

You’ll learn an approach for developing user stories to help prioritise, make content decisions and collaborate across your organisation.

Sarah Winters

1-hour lunch



This session will present a systematic framework of prototyping experiences. Learn how to quickly identify important aspects of a new service concept, explore alternative solutions and evaluate which of those work in our everyday reality.

Along the way, you will explore how to create a shared understanding of initial ideas and concepts while enhancing communication, collaboration, and participation of interdisciplinary stakeholders.

Markus Edgar Hormess
Klaus Schwarzenberger


Learn three of the key principles for facilitating collaborative spaces: 

  • Structure: develop sessions that are more engaging and effective for any audience.
  • Presence: use voice, movement and timing to adjust our relative status and develop presence.
  • Flow: evaluate how our choices in action can support co-creative flow, even when the unexpected occurs.
Renatus Hoogenraad
Adam Lawrence

Coffee time

Online networking to connect you with a small group to reflect on what you have learned and exchange ideas for how to bring a more hands-on, human-centred approach to your work.


Product Management

In this bonus course, you will learn about the role of a Product Manager and the function of Product Management in the wider design space.

This course is recorded and will be available for you to watch for up to 30 days after the close of the Doing Design Festival.

Adrienne Tan