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##The people behind it

Trainers right from reality

We are a team of leading industry practitioners, with over 100 years of collective experience, working with clients of all sizes, including public services, enterprises, financial services, telecommunications, media, tourism, life sciences, insurance, transport, FMCG and more.

All of our online classes are delivered by internationally recognised thought-leaders and practitioners with long industry experience. Many are authors of the books the industry turn to for advice.

Connecting you with the best

Our team comprises of Product Managers, Design Researchers, Service Designers, User Experience Designers, Agile & Organisational Design practitioners all with one purpose — to help share our knowledge and make it accessible to people all over the world.

Building bespoke courses that meet your need

When you use This is Doing, you have access to the world’s best trainers who can meet you where you are at and help you grow your innovation capabilities. We don’t just train people for a job title - we train to teach new skills.

We also train people to work together better by understanding each others’ craft and process — for example, we can train designers to learn how to work as product managers, a business analyst to conduct research, or people from business functions how to lead and facilitate a prototyping workshop.

This is Doing as Training Partners

By using This is Doing as a training partner, you instantly unlock access to some of the best design and innovation practitioners in the world. We offer Coaching and Mentoring as part of our service offering — one of the most critical aspects of embedding design into your organisations is having a trusted practitioner to lean on for advice. 

If you are interested in using This is Doing as a training partner for your organisation. Please feel free to get in touch.

Acquisition Assistance

Hiring people is hard. Hiring the best is even trickier. With Acquisition Assistance, you can lean on This is Doing to help you improve that process by assisting in 3 areas.

1. Evaluating your hiring needs

We will work with you to understand the kind of team you need to build, and the skills and attributes of the people you need to hire.

2. Helping write your Job Description

Imagine having a team of incredible design and innovation practitioners work with you to review your job description – working with you and your organisation to ensure you are sending the right signals, using the right terminology, and attracting the right people.

3. Interview Assistance

After you have reviewed the resumes, we work with you to design the right questions to ask during the interview.

As an optional extra, we offer a short course for you to offer to applicants. This allows them to gain some free training, obtain a This is Doing Cert, whilst also offering us an opportunity to get to see them in a more relaxed setting and help provide some additional feedback to help inform your decision against your initial hiring needs.