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Introducing the “Doing Design” podcast

In this podcast, we will speak about all the behind the scenes things related to actually DOING Design, such as Design Research, Service Design, UX, Content Design, Product Management – you’ll get to hear from all the wonderful trainers and hear about new things that they are working on, and collaborations that in the pipes.

Gerry Scullion

Gerry Scullion

Gerry Scullion is CEO of This is Doing and also Founder of This is HCD, a global podcast and global design community. This is HCD includes a large international design focussed newsletter, 10+ podcasts on topics to enable change, an international Slack community, 12+ global community chapters around the world, Design Conference and Online Events.

He has over 19-years professional design experience across a range of industries such as finance, healthcare, media, public services, social media and various startups. He contributed to the book ‘This is Service Design Doing’ (O’Reilly 2018) focusing on chapters about effective prototyping, and embedding Service Design teams within organisations alongside 200 service designers from around the globe.

His purpose is to help enable access to strategic design to a global audience.

Speak to Gerry about Service Design, Embedding Design into organisations and Human-Centered Design.