Getting to know Marc Stickdorn

In this new series, our aim is to get to know the This is Doing team a little better. We shared 10-questions to all of the team, here's what the wonderful Marc Stickdorn had to say...


Marc Stickdorn

What do you do?

Co-Founder & CEO of More than Metrics

Where are you based?

Innsbruck, Austria.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

Get up, bring daughter to day care, calls, calls, calls, workshops, focus work time, calls, calls, calls, play with my daughter... :D

What was your first job?

Pizza delivery driver

What does your work set up look like?

Marc Stickdorns set up

Other than a computer and an internet connection, what are the three things that you need to work?

My calendar, my team, my wife

What will the first thing that you will do after the pandemic is over?

Go out for dinner with my wife

Favourite place on earth?

The beach

What is your proudest achievement to date?

Winning the European Design Award together with Jakob

Name your favourite food and drink

A good burger and a beer

Marc Stickdorn

Marc Stickdorn

Marc is a coach, writer, speaker, and facilitator for service design. He co-founded More than Metrics, a software company around renown online design tools Smaply and ExperienceFellow. Also, he co-published the business bestsellers This is Service Design Doing / This is Service Design Thinking.