Creating Caring and Meaningful Organisational Cultures

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Many organisations have lost the ability to truly care for their employees, their customers, their stakeholders and the wider communities they serve. This has happened in a wide variety of organisations, even care organisations. The Industrialisation of work processes, to be more efficient and productive, has driven out the space for compassion and care. The COVID-19 crisis also shows us the importance of care in our society and created new opportunities to appreciate new types of care firsthand in our own professional and personal communities.

This 3.5 hour Master Class will help us to understand new kinds of care that address urgent issues that we face today in our societies, from the obvious like elderly care to the care that should be much more obvious, for our teams, our employees and ourselves.

We will share stories of caring and care-less practices in organisations that we worked with, from very different parts of the world: China, Germany, Spain and Singapore. Together with you, the participants in the Master Class, we will reflect on these different practices and create insights that we can all bring to our own practices. This will help you to identify ways of stimulating a caring and meaningful culture in your organisation or projects.

This Master Class is delivered by tutors and practitioners from the Reach Network, a global network of studios with more than a decade long roots in HCD, now focusing on specific purposes such as care, planet and work. We will encourage you and your fellow course participants to form a lasting peer-to-peer community beyond the Master Class as well.

It is time to rethink and reimagine a more meaningful world of work, to place care at the centre of our practices, starting with each of us and driving to transform our organisations. This course will get you on your way!


Bas Raijmakers and Qin Han (UK & the Netherlands – STBY and Reach Network)

Dan Szuc (Hong Kong SAR China – Make Meaningful Work and Reach Network)

Lekshmy Parameswaran (Spain and Singapore – The Care Lab and Reach Network)

Martin Beyerle (Germany – Minds & Makers and Reach Network)

What you will learn

/ How to BEGIN A CONVERSATION around care and what it means for your particular team, community or organisation.  

/ How to SPOT Care-ful and Care-less PRACTICES that impact your day to day work and your organisation.

/ How to apply a Human Centred Design APPROACH to redesign your practices.  

/ How to TAKE ACTION in your current projects or team/organisation injecting care into your approach.

Trainers/hosts to be announced.
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November 11, 2020
Dates and Times

One session of 3.5 hours on 11/11/2020
14:00-17:30-CET (GMT+1)

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