Doing Remote Research - November 2021

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Facilitated peer-to-peer


This course zooms in on the changes in research practices when working fully remote. Together, we will explore the dynamics of how the principles, processes, and digital tools can be adapted for online contexts where participant engagement plays a key role.

We go beyond the traditional interview to explore using anthropology-based tools and methods in the online world such as design probes, diary studies, citizen assembly and interactive mapping. We focus on exploratory and foundation research projects that aim to uncover the broader context of a product or service experience including behaviours, motivations, needs, and pains and gains.

The course will be delivered by design research specialists Qin Han (STBY London) and Dorota Gazy (STBY Amsterdam). The duo regularly collaborate on international, remote research projects for private and public sectors such as Spotify, Google, Amsterdam Local Councils and the Wellcome Trust.

Qin and Dorota take you behind the scenes of two of their favourite remote design research projects, revealing practical tips around methodology, recruitment, fieldwork preparation, and implementation based on years of applied experience.

Who is this course for

This course is for intermediate to advanced design researchers. It’s right for you if:

/ you are familiar with the basic design research toolset

/ you have experience with face-to-face research

/ you are looking to deepen your research practice, particularly around remote delivery

/ you are curious about engaging your participants beyond automated online testing sessions or standardised Zoom interviews

What to expect

A facilitated peer-to-peer course draws on the experience of both the expert specialist facilitators and participants. It is designed to be a safe space where experienced researchers come together to grow their practice.

Specialist facilitators Qin and Dorota will introduce their own practice, case studies and key concepts around remote research—revealing what happens behind the scenes in their day-today work at STBY.

Peer exchange sessions provide an opportunity to learn from the diverse experience of the group and discuss how the topics apply to your unique context.

Part 1: Recruitment and preparation
STBY Case study: Improving public space
Peer exchange: Challenges and opportunities in remote recruitment and preparation

Part 2: Fieldwork and documentation
STBY Case study: Improving hybrid working
Peer exchange: Challenges and opportunities in remote fieldwork and documentation

What you will learn

Re-energise your design research practice using a dynamic approach for adapting principles, processes, and tools to your unique context.

/ Identify and share existing strengths and opportunities within your current research practice.

/ Take inspiration from the practices and tools used in industry-leading design research case studies and explore how to apply them to your unique context.

/ Collect practical tips for managing the technical, social and emotional aspects of being an intermediate- to advanced-level design researcher in a remote setting.

/ Bond with peers by working together to find new solutions to shared challenges.

Trainers/hosts to be announced.
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November 17, 2021
Dates and Times

Wednesday 17 November 2021
10:00 - 13:00 UTC+2 (Paris/Berlin)

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