Essentials of Agility - December 2021

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Mindset & Methods


Agile isn’t just for development teams. The ability to respond to changing requirements, learn through testing (not talk) and improve decision making—all hallmarks of agile working—are fundamental to working in today’s rapidly changing environments.

This course introduces the methods and mindset underpinning the agile way of working, including the agile frameworks of Scrum, Kanban and OKR.

The aim: Help individuals and teams increase customer-centricity, embrace the efficiencies of autonomous and independent decision making, and improve motivation and work satisfaction through agile ways of working.

What to expect

We’ll start off with a brief history of agile and its origins in software development before exploring how it has evolved into an approach used more widely across organisations. Together, we will discuss the basic values and principles of self-organized teams and the role of leadership in agile implementation.

Throughout the course, individual and peer reflections will give you the time, space and support to translate what implementing an agile way of working could mean for your role or organisation.

Trainers Daniela and Ole, both Partners at Fluss, have coached agile teams in a wide range of industries from digital companies like Google, to software, automotive, media and social service organisations. Agile isn’t one-size-fits all, they believe in identifying the right methods to solve your team's unique challenges.

Who this course is for

This is an interdisciplinary course, bringing together diverse roles—from designers to project managers—who are looking for new methods of improving collaboration, learning, self organization or customer-centricity within their teams or organisation.

What you will learn

/ Understanding of agile values and principles
/ Reflection and analysis of whether your own team and organization aligns with these values
/ Differences between Scrum, Kanban and OKR and when to us (or not to use) each
/ Language of agile discourse, including popular misunderstandings and obstacles
/ Implications of self-organization in teams and on leadership
/ Application of core techniques to your daily work

Trainers/hosts to be announced.
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December 1, 2021
Dates and Times

Session 01 - Introduction into Agile Values  
Wednesday, December 1, 2021
10:00-13:30 UTC +2 (Berlin/Amsterdam)
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Session 02 - Agile Techniques and Methods
Thursday, December 2, 2021
10:00-13:30 UTC +2 (Berlin/Amsterdam)

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