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Coaching & Mentoring

Access our stable of world-class talent to help guide you through project or any career complexities.

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How to know if we are a match?

Many of the team at This is Doing have had mentors and coaches throughout their careers – and many still do. It is one of the most important parts of personal and professional development – and often gets overlooked. We have a coach to meet the majority of needs, with coaches and mentors from various backgrounds. The first session is a shorter 30-minute session, and is used to help you gauge a ‘fit’ with the mentor or coach.

And how does it work then?

After that, you are required to buy a minimum of a block of 6-hours with the trainer who can help set goals, provide advice, support you and your efforts and where appropriate to guide your approaches. It is important to note that coaching is not consulting – your coaches will work on your personal development, not give you consulting or do design work.

These are our current offerings

Our team of trainers are busy with post-its creating some amazing courses. Grab a coffee and check out our courses that are available.